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The Facts

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My name is Philip and In 2015 My wife Daybar and I moved down to Providence. We spent 2 years living in Providence but in 2017 we became pregnant with our son Philip (aka Burrito). By 2018 we had moved back home North of Boston. Day and I had only been gone 2yrs but a lot had changed. We started exploring the Northshore and documenting all of our excursions on Instagram, what started off as a little passion project has now grown. 
Our first goal with Eat Drink Explore is to help local businesses reach a wider audience. We want our audience to connect with these businesses and discover new beverages, places to eat, things to do, and products look out for! 

We do all of this because we're passionate about the local food and beverage industry. There is nothing better than a good meal. Trying new things is a must, and we find local business owners to be the best people around! The Northshore is our base, New England is our oyster, and we consider this planet to be without borders call us idealist if you must.
We are EatDrinkNorthShore (A.K.A.  EDNS), and we're locals on the hunt for the best drinks, restaurants, food,& products.
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